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We are proud to be a full service sign company and have the professional skills and equipment to handle projects large and small. It is our aim to complete every project with the highest attention to detail and quality. Each member of our design and fabrication team has over 20 years of experience in the industry and we put their expertise to work on each and every job.

Sign Manufacturing and Installation

Bring us your sign ideas and we will help you make the right decisions all the way through the process, from dreaming up a concept, to hashing out the technical details, ordering the parts, manufacturing the assemblies, and installing the entire structure at your site. We have the equipment and staff required to get your sign installation done in a timely and efficient manner. 

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Sign Lighting

Have a sign already that isn’t being lit up at night? Or it’s supposed to light up and doesn’t? You’re missing out on a lot of potential message views. We can add lighting to your sign or fix the lights in your existing sign. There are a wide variety of lighting options available in the market today, including fluorescent, LED, and high intensity discharge floodlighting. We have the knowledge needed to help you determine the best option for your specific situation. 

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Parking Lot Lighting

Signs aren’t the only thing that might need illumination around your business. If your parking lot isn’t lit, your customers may be inconvenienced during some business hours. We are equipped and prepared to help you analyze the details and determine how much lighting of what type will be sufficient to light your parking lot, or just make your existing lighting work again. Once a decision is made, we can carry out the entire project for you from sourcing the parts to installation and maintenance after completion.

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Crane Services

We have a variety of trucks available to assist in completing your project. Whether setting a pole, roof joists, or a sailboat mast, we can bring our cranes or basket trucks to your site and assist with the heavy lifting. Our fleet includes a 62’ National Crane, 62’ cherry picker, and a 75’ aerial basket truck. Our crane operators have years of experience and will help complete your project with finesse. Contact us for our crane and truck service rates.

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Design & Planning Service

Building a sign from scratch involves a lot of design and planning. If you already have a digital file, bring it to us and we will make your idea a reality. If you’re not sure what you need, our staff is ready to help you design a sign that will make your message pop, and get your business noticed. We take pride in being a full service shop and helping our customers with their projects, from an idea on paper to a complete sign standing proudly in front of your building. In addition to the creative side of the process, sign construction requires paperwork. We know the process and will put our expertise to work to help you secure needed permits. We will take the stress out of the process and make sure all regulations are met or exceeded.

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Maintenance and Repair

We offer maintenance and repair service for existing signs and light structures. We will happily assist in getting your existing sign or light back into good shape, from replacing a lightbulb, tightening or switching out billboard wraps, repairing a light fixture, or fabricating replacement parts, we do it all.

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